"It is a privilege to work with talented people, especially when their commitment to solving problems produces outstanding results." 

This video features Wilkinson Hall Founder Angela Hobbs, at the launch of Engineering Better Care, at the Royal Academy of Engineers.

We  are working together to build a comprehensive training programme and  Academy. Launch scheduled September 2021

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Explore & Discover 

We start by exploring the possibilities.  One of our favourite experiences was working with the Design Council on the Think Station Project  - how, where and how often we travel is subject to the biggest sustainability shifts that we have yet to fully comprehend.   

Develop & Test 

What's the problem you 're solving and how are you solving it?  We identify the goal, the route and the outcomes. How does your plan impact on your current activities and how will you build team engagement and share the stories with your customers?   

Assess & Measure

 Innovation is continuous, assess, progress and test. Measuring the performance of every prototype, increases value for your budget and   creates a powerful value proposition.Aligning feasibility, viability and desirability of your innovation. 

Oxford University Incubator Programme 

Wilkinson Hall founder Angela Hobbs, works as a Resident Innovation Coach for Oxford University Innovation, partnering with Product Focus Specialist, Paul Inness, together they deliver a twelve week programme to over thirty new start ups per Cohort.Our first programme was delivered in 2020 online, and we're hoping that possibly we will be able to work face to face during  our new Summer Cohort which launched in July 2021.In each programme we focus on the Lean Canvas, Design Thinking, Customer Value Proposition, Where To Play, Sustainability for Start Ups, How To Win and How To Pitch. A fast paced, comprehensive programme which culminates in an action packed Super Saturday finale.We create individual and highly engaging programmes for all our clients, what would work for your business?